PhD-Islamic Business and Finance

The PhD in Islamic Business and Finance is a holistic degree with no functional specialization. This is to encourage interdisciplinary research and provide a more open sphere for the academic thinking and rigor. However, within the research project a candidate may choose to either go for a basic research or applied research.

A basic research is interpreted as theory or knowledge advancement research and it more suits to candidates who want to pursue career in academia and scholarly authorship. The focus within basic research methods is on developing the candidate’s analytical and critical reading, thinking, and writing skills to make them able to challenge the current discourse of Islamic Business and Finance and develop original, contemporary, and alternative perspectives on the problems.

The applied research is interpreted as a research in which the candidate would need to create a verifiable impact on the current practice of Islamic Business and Finance. For this research a candidate will need to spend a sufficient amount of time within an organisation or field to create the impact through his or her research within Islamic Business and Finance. This research would more suit to the motivated and experienced practitioners who are looking to complement & develop their practical knowledge with research, analytical, and critical thinking skills to the highest level to lead the globally emerging Islamic financial institutions (e.g., Islamic Banks and Takaful organisations). By completing this PhD, individuals will bring an unparalleled combination of independent thinking and business knowledge to their organisation.

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