Asian Journal of Islamic Finance (AJIF)

Asian Journal of Islamic Finance (AJIF)

Theoretical, empirical and practical research papers are invited for submission to the Asian Journal of Islamic Finance (AJIF) covering topics on Islamic Economics, Banking, and Finance, including but not limited to the following:

Inclusive Financial Development

  • Experiences and challenges with Islamic micro Finance and the role of Zakah and Awqaf institutions
  • New models for Islamic microfinance and their comparative analysis
  • An assessment of inclusive Financial sector development policies

Shari’ah and Institutional Reforms

  • Theoretical foundations of Islamic, economics, banking and finance
  • Profit-and-loss sharing principle of Islamic banks’ financial products
  • Maqasid al Shari’ah based comprehensive policy reforms
  • Shari’ah screening in the Islamic capital markets: issues and challenges

Regularity, Growth and Stability of Islamic Banking and Finance

  • Developing stability indicators for Islamic banking and finance industry
  • Islamic perspectives on bankruptcy, insolvency and distress
  • Regulatory issues in Islamic banking and Finance
  • Basel III and IFSB standards and early warning signals and measures of systemic risk

Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility from Islamic Perspective

  • Ethical and Islamic financing
  • The Islamic Moral Economy
  • Socially responsible investment and its challenges
  • Corporate governance for Islamic finance industry

Islamic Money and Capital Market

  • Sukuk and Islamic financial instruments
  • Islamic equity capital markets, Islamic equity funds, and venture capital Takaful
  • Role of Waqf in takaful
  • Models of takaful with respect to benefits for participants and takaful operators
  • Surplus sharing
  • Innovation and solutions

Economic Reforms

  • Monetary and Fiscal policy from an Islamic perspective
  • Knowledge economy and its relationship with inclusive economic development
  • Monetary policy and central banking function from an Islamic economics and finance perspective

Socioeconomic Justice and Development

  • Islamic economics and comprehensive human development: its concepts, aspirations, strategies and policies
  • Role of Islamic socio-economic institutions in economic development
  • Perspective of Islamic economics and finance, including its critique
  • Islamic economics and finance, its methodology, history and scope

Risk Management, Product Development, and Services

  • Regulatory and legislative landscape for Islamic financial markets and institutions
  • Islamic financial services
  • Islamic financial product development
  • Islamic financial system
  • Islamic financial engineering

Miscellaneous topics

  • Efficiency and performance of Islamic financial institutions
  • Challenges of education and teaching institutions and human resources
  • Marketing of Islamic financial services


  • Abstract to be between 100-200 words and should be sent to
  • Please limit the use of acronyms, abbreviations, and references in the abstract.
  • Keywords for the article: 3-5 keywords are sufficient.
  • Paper MUST be in Microsoft Word format
  • Do not submit ZIP files.
  • All papers will be double blind refereed.
  • Full tentative title of the manuscript must be included in the paper.
  • Referencing: we recommend APA referencing system.
  • Please do not submit duplicate copies of the papers.


For any queries please contact:

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