Chair 1: Academics at CEIF (A-CEIF)

A-CEIF is responsible for the development, management, and promotion of academic programmesto provide the industry with specialized leaders and workforce that will ultimately cause enhancement in the financial inclusion. The focal audience of A-CEIF are new students who are enthused to enter into the industry starting with the following

MBA-Islamic Banking and Takaful, 1.5 years

MBA-Islamic Banking and Takaful is a full time 1½-year intensive program designed to produce future business leaders for the growing Islamic Finance industry. It is aimed at providing sound foundations for effective, ethical, and Shari’a compliant decision-making in a complex and dynamic world. There is a concentrated emphasis on theory, processes, techniques and practices of various disciplines of finance, accounting, and management with particular emphasis on Shari’a principles.

The courses focus on Islamic law, Economics, Finance, Sukuks, Banking and Insurance (Takaful). Unlike usual degrees, Masters in Business Administration provide in-depth academic excellence in Islamic Banking and Takaful to the students.

PhD-Islamic Business and Finance

PhD in Islamic Business and Finance is an excellent opportunity for the prospective students who have a vision to be a scholarly writer and an academic in Islamic Business, and finance, and the synthesis of both, to provide scholarly leadership for the Islamic Finance.

For this qualification, the candidate must exhibit sufficient understanding of the theory and current research in the field and should make a distinct contribution to the knowledge of this globally growing field. The program is designed to make the students aware of the contemporary issues in the field and the relevant in-depth research skills though a dedicated team of highly qualified (PhDs) supervisors, taught modules, and research conferences.