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Centre for Excellence in Islamic Finance (CEIF), IMSciences has established a knowledge environment through a comprehensive data hub on Islamic Finance. The Data Hub provides access to contemporary research on Islamic Finance, qualitative and quantitative data on various spectrum of Islamic Finance, academic thesis on Islamic Finance, an overview of Journals on Islamic Finance and latest and enriched repository of Islamic Finance Books. Academics, practitioners and researchers in Islamic Finance can alike take benefit of the data hub for advancing the theory and practice of Islamic Finance.

  1. International Conference on Towards Financial Inclusion: Developments in Islamic Economics, Banking and Finance
  2. International Conference on Islamic Finance, Islamic Economic Development and Sustainability
  3. National Summer Conference on Research Led Practice of Islamic Finance


List of Global Universities offering Islamic Finance Courses

  1. IMSciences
  2. MBA Islamic Banking and Takaful
  3. PhD in Islamic Business and Finance
  4. Certificates in Islamic Finance
  5. Post Graduate Diplomas
  6. Distance learning
  7. Durham university, UK
  8. ISRA Malaysia
  10. Certificates and Post Graduate Diplomas
  11. Islamic Research and Training Institute (IRTI)
    • Islamic Banking and Finance
    • Islamic Banking and Takaful
    • Marketing of Takaful Products
    • AAOIFI Shari’ah Standards
    • Risk Management in Islamic Banking Finance
    • Sukuk


  1. Islamic Banking & Finance Journals
  2. Asian Journal of Islamic Finance (AJIF)
  3. Current Debates
  4. Conferences
  5. Fatwa Collection
  6. Islamic Finance Thesis Repository
  7. Maqalajaat (Thesis) from Madrassa

Research Papers

  1. Research papers published by CEIF Team
  2. Research papers publications in Islamic Banking and Finance

Books Published

  1. Books published by CEIF Team
  2. Inventory of Books published in Islamic Finance